Wednesday, 24 May 2017

On British Soil

We headed off to the British Embassy yesterday morning for our 10:00 meeting having signed in and gone through security at the menacing looking gates.  We arrived in good time but had a half hour wait as only half the counters were being used and we had at least four people in front of us to be seen.

Once we got called up we had to supply all the paperwork needed; ID (passport) and proof of address (utility bill) and then we had to complete a couple of forms.

I have no idea why these are not available on-line- it would have saved time and my handwriting is fully shot to shit after years of ignoring pen and pencil, instead deferring to a keyboard.

My form looked like ninja ant had vomited all over the paper and the lady requested I do it again.  Not because of my poor penmanship, rather that the address had to bang on as it was laid out in our bank statement address.

After the re-run we were asked to pay (credit card) and then wait up to half an hour for our Proof of Residency, which arrived in good time.

All in all we were there about an hour with the only downside being the BBC news covering the Manchester bombing.  Utterly appalling and sickening.

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