Wednesday, 24 May 2017

New Toy

Francois has finally moved in with this Thai girlfriend, Khun On, and in the process has had to shed some of his stuff.  This means he has kindly donated his home made jerky drier for me to start making my own.

The box is quite simple yet ingeniously put together, comprising of a large storage box with lid, a fan attached to the side via a cut out hole and then sealant spread around the joint to make it air tight, a vent hole cut into the lid (with a small sieve popped in to keep any insects out) a light bulb, again attached via a cut out hole and finally a load of wire (coated coated hangers, I believe) which are laid along the top for the beef strips to hang from.

I had no idea how complex the process was in preparing the meat but having washed it in apple cider vinegar (to kill off bacteria) and then left the beef to marinate over night in my secret mix (ie left overs from F's original dry rub) I have just finished putting the strips in to dry.

The fan is on, I've left the bulb off for the moment as the room is quite warm already and I will leave it to do its thing at least until tomorrow to see what gives.

I am already drooling but suspect the first few goes will be disastrous and it will be several attempts before I get anything near to the quality and finish F used to achieve.

Can't, but will have to, wait.

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