Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Jerk the Beef Part III

Having decided to go into the jerky production business a little more fully, I felt it was necessary to buy stuff.  One new airing box, a super powerful fan and a couple of wire trays and I had pretty much all the equipment I needed for not very much.  Oh, and a box of coated (with plastic) paper clips on which to hang the meat.

I didn't bother with a heating bulb as it is warm enough in our pad but did find some ever so lean strips of beef on offer at Tops Supermarket (80 g for THB 99) and I picked up three packs.

A thorough vinegar wash and dry, a sprinkling of salt and into the fridge for a couple of hours to draw out any excess liquid.  Adding some dry rub (chilli, garlic powder, cumin, onion powder to name but a few ingredients) and a further hour's resting time and the beef was ready to put into the drier.

I had attached both wire racks together using two large bulldog clips and with four "S" hooks hanging from all four corners, it was simplicity itself to suspend the racks across the whole width of the box.

Putting the small turbo fan in one corner and then the racks on top, I next hung the meat from the coated paperclips (if you use stainless steel clips they will corrode due to the vinegar and you don't want rusty meat...) and dropped them through the wire mess to be suspended in the drying air.

I had no air holes so simply left one end of the lid wedged open a small amount and left it to it with the fan on full around 17:00 yesterday.  This morning around 07:00, I had nicely dried and ready to eat jerky.

Comments:  Could do with perhaps slightly less drying time as I like my jerky moister and less dry.  Seasoning seems bang on but I am concerned at the amount of salt used and will look at using garlic salt and soy sauce instead.  Aside that, very happy with the latest stash.

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