Friday, 26 May 2017

It Hurts

Having got the fan running properly now, the "jerky" looked about right last night and I sampled a bit.  The initial euphoria of tasting my own produced cured beef strip was sadly brief as I lost the sight in one eye.

Ber-loody Hell's bells, was it salty.

Not to worry, being of sound mind and with a memory of a goldfish, I tried another piece.  I promptly lost vision in the other eye...

OK, I O'd on the salt rub and will now go easy on the trigger.  Salting is necessary to draw out any excess moisture but instead of bathing the beef in NaCl, it will be sprinkled on and left in the fridge overnight to draw out any liquids.  Then I shall pat the meat dry with kitchen paper, add the dry seasoning before hanging the prepared strips in the drier.

Mark II will begin this weekend.

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