Thursday, 25 May 2017

Into the Centre

Crossing the Sukhumvit road we were a very close distance from the driving centre (if you know the area, it's directly next to the Levi factory) and we walked there in around five minutes.

From the blazing heat we entered the air conditioned building and handed our paperwork to a chap who was making a mint operating the photocopier.  All relevant passport pages were then copied (including you TM Departure Card), along with our newly acquired medical certificate and proof of residency (this is because car and bike licences are not combined on one ID Card and are treated separately), plus your driving licence.  Every copied page then has to be signed by you.

Once you have done this, pick up an application form and after filling in your details, take it, along with your copied pile of paperwork to the window 35 (I think).

They will then process your application while you sit watching a video of the practical test you will shortly be going through.

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