Saturday, 20 May 2017

How Can Wright be so Wrong?

I was beginning to warm to this ex-Gooner but then he has to stick his ex-football bots into his cavernous gob by stating that The Arse need a billionaire to help the club move forward.

Seriously?  You are quite happy to pay for a title because (possibly) for the first time in twenty odd years you may not qualify for Europe?

How sad is this, with the likes of Chelsea, Man City and others already making a mockery of transfers fees, weekly salaries and bulldozing their way to the top with laundered cash.

I am so pleased that Spurs remain a well controlled financial organisation with a feel for tradition and the sport's best intentions at heart and even though we may never win anything within my life time, I would much rather that than get some vulgar oligarch to bully the way with buckets of readies.


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