Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Eurowings Update

We booked flights with the off-shoot of Lufthansa for our flights back to Germany in August.  Since then we have received regular "updates" informing us that they are regretfully unable to offer us the advertised flight and have rescheduled it- but the take off arrival and landing times, as with departure dates, remains identical.

Typically we have taken no notice over the notice, but we have now received this exact same message every fortnight; we now have half a dozen such notifications.

Taking a very close look at the email, it seems that we have to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the changes via a link (which let's face it, no one really likes to click on fearing further spam or worse) which we have now done.

With luck it should see an end to these nuisance emails, well intentionend though they may be or we will be getting further correspondence from Nigerian royalty or bargain cost pills to make your penis increase in size.

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