Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Cold Feet

We took the box set along with us on our travels and I recall watching the entire show, all 5 series, in Poland when we had no TV.  It kept us sane, kept us off their dangerous beer and we really enjoyed it.

We recently found out they were filming again on series 6 (and apparently 7 is also due now/early next year) and so before watching the latest cash cow, we went back to the original.

It is nowhere near as good as we remembered, mainly because the plot lines were so ludicrous.  We are expected to believe that one of the birds who moves in with her new boyfriend "forgets" to tell him she was married and hasn't got around to divorcing him yet.

Then the guy moves in with them both.

Oh do fuck off.

We gave up and headed straight to #6 and while irritations have already surfaced, on the whole it's not too bad.  The cast have aged well and still combine nicely and they have one or two good story lines (the depression one will be interesting to see how it pans out) but I do wish they'd stop these unnecessary farcical moments and give the viewers a bit of intellectual credit.

Or must we have this general dumbing down we see in most sequels nowadays.

We're up episode 3 tonight so hopefully we can see it through to the end.

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