Friday, 19 May 2017

Cheers, Khun Alix

Sine we started using the Corner, the head barman, Khun Alix, and I have got on very well and we always have chat at the beginning of his shift.  Mainly because I always get there early to grab my favourite bar stool.

Anyway, over the season he has started to take an interest in football and not wanting to follow the pack, or perhaps to humour me, he has taken an interest in Tottenham.  I am sure it's merely coincidence but his following seems to have had a remarkable effect on the team and we have ended up second this year, making Khun Alix something of a good luck charm.

In view of this I picked up a Spurs shirt for him and I gave it to him during the week.  He was quite surprised but looked happy and I hope he wore it with pride last night after our 1 - 6 stuffing of Leicester.

We play our final game on Sunday and as it's a 15:00 KO, that works out at a user friendly 20:00 start here.  I look forward to watching the game live with Tottenham's newest fan.

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