Thursday, 27 April 2017

Taxi 1, Taxi 2

Going in we always take the BTS to Mo Chit and then a cab to Chaengwattana (Bangkok's immigration offices) which is about THB 300 including expressway tolls.

This time we got a taxi driver who was a secret Space shuttle pilot and flew his vehicle in and out of the traffic at warp speeds.  He didn't take the expressway and also took us down a new turning that ran behind the main road, at the back of the estate.

We did the whole journey in under 20 minutes and the fare was THB 101.  We gave him THB 200 as we had saved THB 70 on tolls and he thoroughly deserved his tip.  He in turn was delighted and I am sure it was the positive chi that made our day so successful.

Coming back was almost as pleasing and we made Mo Chit in just over 30 minutes (traffic as very bad) and had only a THB 20 toll to pay but they driver only got s small tip (THB 50) as he wouldn't shut up.

No, I couldn't give a shit that you can say "David  Beckham" as:

(a) I have a splitting headache having been up since 04:00
(b) I am a Spurs fan

But I was still so very happy.

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