Thursday, 27 April 2017

Getting the Worm

We left the pad a bit earlier compared to wifey's visa application last month and arrived at the Immigration centre just over half an hour before the previous visit.  It was 07:25 and already the queue was over 100 strong.

The way of queuing is also rather unique in that people mark their spot with a bag, brolley or empty cup (basically anything, one person had used a jar of Vaseline to mark X) and then they wander off or sit until the doors open.  It really is quite civilised and no one messes with a marker.

Wifey went for coffee and then I got my bank book updated and photocopied.  While the bank was not open they do have a machine to automatically update your bank book outside so that's easy and one of the several the photocopy shops was open and doing a brisk trade at THB 2/copy, which is about 5p.

We killed off the rest of the hour doing a spot of people watching (far too many candidates and the time flew by) and everyone then calmly trooped in bang on 08:30.

Wifey and I picked up our counter tickets, I had #16 for my visa renewal and she had #6 to get her re-entry permit and went our separate ways.  She was back just as I was called in and as luck would have it, we had the same inspector who had processed her application last time.

All the paperwork was present and correct without any hitch and then it was off to see yet another lady who once again scrutinised all the paperwork as if I was some kind of international spy with bent documents.

Finally she too was satisfied but gave me a polite heads up that it would be "long wait as big boss was in meeting".  Arse, I needed my passport back to obtain my re-entry stamp too- but what can you do?

Grin and bear it.

And wait...

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