Saturday, 1 April 2017

Afternoon Fodder

Part of our daily routine is to have a snooze in the afternoon and then start the day's viewing.  Before we head on to the good stuff we like to gently ease ourselves into a telly viewing marathon and we tend to pick "easy going TV", with options of Murder she Wrote, Father Dowling Mysteries or Diagnosis Murder.

It's the kind of thing that you can switch off the brain to and simply enjoy for what it is, middle of the road fluff.  They are also series with hundreds of episodes so you're not going to run out soon.

It also provoked a conversation over the results of an investigation (by the Radio Times) which stated that Cabot Cove was the murder capital of the world and certainly more dangerous than Midsomer (Murder).

We couldn't see how as Midosmer is still racking up the bodies while MsW stopped filming 1996.

Now this conclusion was reached in 2012 and the calculation was done by the average number of deaths per episode and then per population head count.  This is where MsW is a clear winner.


Comparing Midsomer with Oxfordshire - the county where it is filmed, and upon which it is presumably based, it has an average of 2.6 murders an episode, with roughly eight episodes a year.  That gives us 21 deaths a year with an annual murder rate of 32 per million.


Cabot Cove in Maine, has a population of 3 500 and featured 274 killings, with around five cases a year taking place on Jessica’s doorstep.  That gives it a staggering annual murder rate of 1 490 per  million.  That works out to 2% of the residents of Cabot Cove having been killed.

For the record, Midsomer is on its 19th series but has only reached 114 episodes to date, MsW made 264 episodes.

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