Saturday, 1 April 2017

11 Years Down

Just imagine eleven years ago we left the UK to go and travel.  We had no idea on how or where, simply that we had to get out of the country that was being run into the ground by BLiar's Labour and driving out we felt elated, excited and full of adventure.

None of those feelings have left us and the adventure has only been slightly stalled as we continue to live in our new home in Bangkok, the best city in the world.

We do intend to pick up our roamings in a year or so again, as the feet have begun to itch a bit and African beckons, but I still find it hard to understand where the time has gone.  It's quite frightening.

We have had no second thoughts or doubts as to our lifestyle choices and we certainly have no regrets over some of the sacrifices we have had to make.  It was the best decision we have ever made and we just hope the next eleven are as much fun.

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