Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Of All the Days

I wanted to add a few things to the latest toys and headed back to Rama 9 and Fortune Town where all the latest IT goodies can be had at the best prices.

As soon as I arrived I sensed something was wrong as there was an acrid smell in the air and on surfacing from the underground train station, we were greeted by several fire trucks and hordes of TV crews.

Turns out there had been a large fire on the 3rd floor and the building was evacuated.  Fortunately no one was injured, the authorities were in complete control and everyone was calm.

Here's the report from the Bangkok Post- but it looks like I shall be back next week again to pick up my shopping.

A fire broke out early Monday at the popular Fortune Town Mall on Ratchadapisek Road, but no one was injured and firefighters brought it under control in less than an hour.
According to reports by JS100 Radio station, the fire occurred on the third floor. Firefighters arrived quickly, and the fire was reported to be out by 8.50am, although smoke continued to pour from the building's hot spot.
An exit of the MRT Rama 9 station, situated in front of the shopping mall, was closed during the emeregency.
The fire also caused a heavy build-up of rush our traffic. Ratchadapisek Road is one of major routes for motorists to travel to inner Bangkok.
Fortune Town building houses offices, IT retailing shops as well as a Tesco Lotus. 

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