Monday, 13 March 2017

Missed This Earlier

Speaking shortly after Arsenal’s 10-2 aggregate defeat to Bayern Munich, manager Arsène Wenger told the press that ten lucky goals and Koscielny’s red card ultimately cost the Gunners the tie. 
The Frenchman said: ‘If Bayern hadn’t scored ten lucky goals over the two legs, things could have been very different.’
‘The red card also very much changed the dynamic of the game for us. We were all over them until this point.’
‘I saw the referee’s mistake very clearly, or it may have been a squirrel.’
A journalist asked Wenger if the reports of him signing a contract extension until 2087 were true. 
He said: ‘That is utter rubbish and I am tired of these reports that are only written to cause instability at the club.’
‘I intend to manage here until at least 2089.’
‘We are lobbying UEFA for a rule change from next season that will mean teams in the group stages receiving extra points for financial stability. This will create a fair playing field.’

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