Sunday, 19 March 2017

Kodi Magic

We fancied a big blockbuster style film last night and surfed the options on Cartoon HD.  Dozens of films popped up on the screen once we had opened the app and we plumped for The Great Wall, with Matt Damon.

Essentially, it's about a band of mercenaries searching for "black powder" in ancient China, who end up defending the mighty wall against hordes of demons.  You can dismiss a few plot holes and historical inaccuracies as the movies sets, the special effects and scenery are simply mind-blowing.  Think 13 Warriors meets The Lord of the Rings meets House of Flying Daggers.

"Sumptuous" is a good word to describe the film and you can forget all about your troubles for fifteen minutes under a couple of hours.  So is "arse-kicking" as the fight scenes are superb (wait until you see how the wall is defended by the different teams of armies).

If you simply want to escape from reality and have a swashbuckling adventure, this is for you.  I am not sure why some critics are being negative in their reviews but everyone is entitled to an opinion.  Here's mine:  go and watch this.

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