Friday, 17 March 2017

Get in There

I am a devotee of cheese, of any kind, the stronger the better and lots of it.  No doubt it contributes to my higher- than- healthy cholesterol levels but what's life without cheese (or beer)?

Sadly cheese has always been given a bad press due to fat levels and calorific content too, but thankfully it transpires we may have been given duff advice all these years.  Shock, horror...

According to TInd, cheese is apparently better for you than previously thought- with research from University College Dublin concludingd that people who eat a lot of cheese are thinner than those who don’t, and it doesn’t actually raise cholesterol levels.

Best of all?  People who ate low-fat dairy cheese tended to have higher cholesterol levels.

Never been a fan of cottage cheese which is just as well as it costs an arm and a leg for some reason.  Seriously, £6 - £7 for a pot of the disgusting stuff in the supermarkets here.

Now, go and have some cheese for breakfast.

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