Friday, 10 March 2017


Our new Minix android box was being a bastard and would not "see" the HDDs I had linked up via a powered hub.  If any of this sounds alien to you, I suggest you just skip onto the next post.  It's not difficult to follow put perhaps a bit dull for non-Kodi users.

Anyway, a very long story short, I kind of muddle my way through to finding them as follows:

  • open your file manager under "system" on the home page (scroll far right)
  • click "add source"
  • click "browse" on the RHS
  • enter root system
  • click "data"
  • locate the HDD you want (it may be a series of numbers, do trial and error)
  • click "OK" and rename file as you wish
Go back to home file manager and with luck your external hard drives will now be on display.  Worked for me, so good luck.

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