Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Eddie Izzard

Quite simply the best live comedy show I have seen to date- and we've done a few.

From start to finish Mr Izzard had us laughing to tears and with such consummate ease, it was bewildering.  No auto cue or notes, story after story sprang forth from his lipsticked mouth on an array of subjects from history to Julius Caesar, to musicals and Lord of the Rings and even debating the merits of the SAS and nicking make up from Boots.

Fucking hilarious and so worth heading into town.

It's funny (and he is), they have conducted tests where punters who consider themselves to be wine connoisseurs (that took three goes...) were asked to rate some wine.  It was in reality a cheap bottle but priced much higher and everyone raved about the quality.  The conclusion drawn was that if people think something is expensive they will enjoy it more.

Not with Eddie.  While we paid around £60 a ticket, the most we have ever laid out on a comedian, it was money well spent and I would do so again in a flash.

Simply brilliant and we wish him all the best on his on-going tour.

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