Thursday, 2 March 2017

#5 Antalya, Turkey

We loved Turkey (maybe because we had spent a number of winter months in Greece which wasn't so good?) and have fond memories of the country and its people.  It was also our last "European" destinaiton before our long haul flight to Asia and Bangkok, which has turned into our new home.

Again, all the prices seem much higher than our experience but we do always look for the best deals and don't have an expense account.


5. Antalya, Turkey — £43.97 ($54.88)
Hotel for two: £44.34 ($55.32)
Meal for two: £13.84 ($17.27)
Bottle of wine: £5.21 ($6.50)
Taxi: £3.27 ($4.08)
Cup of coffee: £1.98 ($2.47)
Cocktail: £4.72 ($5.89)
Pint of beer: £2.31 ($2.88)

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