Monday, 6 March 2017

#4 Bucharest, Romania

Not as part of this tour but on a previous trip when we continued onto Transylvania. which was a scream.  Beer prices look about right, food was very good value if a little limited in choice at the time of our visit and who cares about a cocktail?


4. Bucharest, Romania — £43.87 ($54.75)
Hotel for two: £42.69 ($53.27)
Meal for two: £20.67 ($25.79)
Bottle of wine: £5.04 ($6.29)
Taxi: £1.59 ($1.98)
Cup of coffee: £2.33 ($2.91)
Cocktail: £4.45 ($5.55)
Pint of beer: £1.30 ($1.62)

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