Wednesday, 8 March 2017

#2 Cairo, Egypt

I don't dislike any country but if I had to plump for places I wouldn't rush back to, Egypt would be right up there.  The reason?  Nothing sinister, just that I started smoking there having laid off the foul habit for nine whole months.  I was not happy at breaking my first attempt (the second go is slightly better as we're into our 17th year) and I also recall getting the shits on the flight home- the first and last time I have ever had that concern.


2. Cairo, Egypt — £39.09 ($48.79)
Hotel for two: £45.84 ($57.20)
Meal for two: £10.67 ($13.31)
Bottle of wine: £6 ($7.50)
Taxi: £0.89 ($1.11)
Cup of coffee: £1.27 ($1.59)
Cocktail: £4.03 ($5.04)
Pint of beer: £1.65 ($2.06)

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