Monday, 20 February 2017

#14 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We've been twice to Vietnam, the first time south to Ho Chi Minh and the second up north to Hanoi.  I preferred the latter but HCM is still a must see city.  Again, we paid far less for accommodation which was well priced and had all the amenities you needed (including free wi-fi) and I recall the beer being more than reasonable (but was it that cheap?).  We certainly paid far less for food, coffee sounds about right but I am not a drinker so you'd need to ask wifey and we didn't touch the wine.

We rarely notice the cost of wine as I don't drink the stuff and wifey is not keen on paying a premium for something that rarely impresses.  She keeps her palate for when we visit Izola where the grape is first class.


14. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam — £52.69 ($65.76)
Hotel for two: £54.33 ($67.79)
Meal for two: £15.19 ($18.95)
Bottle of wine: £15 ($18.72)
Taxi: £2.64 ($3.29)
Cup of coffee: £2.12 ($2.65)
Cocktail: £5.17 ($6.45)
Pint of beer: £0.50 ($0.62)

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