Sunday, 26 February 2017

This is England 1986 & 1988

The original mini-series was loosely set to the 1986 World Cup where Team Eng-er-land lost to the cheating fuck Maradona and his handball goal.  (I refuse to acknowledge him as a footballing "hero" as he is nowt more than a drug taking cheat and there is no way I would refer to his goal as the hand of God).

It follows a group of misfits (not in their eyes; societies') and is pretty much about nowt apart from growing up with bleak prospects in even grimmer surroundings.

What sets it apart is the quality of the acting from an almost unknown cast, which is tremendous, and should so easily have walked away with accolades, trophies and rewards.  So why did it only get four- and only two of those Baftas)?

Anyway, if you feel like you've a shitty life, try this for size and have a rethink.

The follow up (1988) is even more depressing, has less content but still showboats the incredible acting skills of the cast.

The only minor problem is that I think we should have watched the film first.  Oh well, tonight it is then.

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