Thursday, 16 February 2017

Quite Incredible

The commentary almost steals the show, but just take a look at University College Cork’s Phil Healy, who started the final 400 m lap in fifth place, 70 - 80 metres behind the leader in the relay.  See TG for the full sp.

Healy is not even a 400 m runner, and 20 minutes previously had competed in a 200 m race. 

“I was putting down my gear and one of the girls came over and asked would I have any interest in running the 4x400m relay.  'Throw me into the last leg and I’ll see what I can do.’ 

It didn’t feel like I was dying with lactic, I reckon it was the adrenaline and the momentum. I had the burn but didn’t feel it but I crossed the line and fell.”

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