Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Put it Down

Southampton manager Claude Puel says he would like to see video technology used for offside after Manolo Gabbiadini's disallowed goal in the 3-2 EFL Cup final defeat by Manchester United.  

I would go a step further and drop the whole farce of the off-side rule completely.  I can already see the "purists" throwing up their arms in horror with the words "goal hanger" stammering out of their mouths.

Yes, and so what?  Let them use the tactic of a goal hanger and see how the oppo react, whether to man mark or another way to counter.

But the point stands and to further add proof it's no bad thing, consider field hockey that also once had the same off-side rule and then offed it in 1992 (or 1996 depending on which source you are quoting).

Quote from Wiki:

Offside abolished[edit]

After various amendments, the offside rule was finally repealed. "No offside" was introduced as a mandatory experiment in 1990 and it was confirmed as a rule in 1992 by the Hockey Rules Board. The aims of this change were:
  • to transfer the balance of power towards the offense,
  • to create more space around the circle and mid-field,
  • to help the flow of play, more goals and fewer whistles, and
  • to make the game more exciting and appealing to spectators.
New tactics were developed by many teams to exploit this new rule.

But the biggest gain?  No more errors or mistakes from the refs/umpires.

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