Sunday, 26 February 2017

Lovely Gifts

A big thanks to Tommy and Khun Beer for their presentation wine box with engraved, matching wine glass.  A very classy present and one that already has wifey looking forward to opening the Jacob's Creek Reserve carbinet.

Another huge thanks to Merold and Merliza for bring us 30 (well, 32 in fact) fresh roses which are now illuminating the room with both colour and aroma.

And to Francois and Khun On for one of the best batches of jerky to date.  Wifey gets the wine, I get the beefy snack.  😎

Many thanks to everyone else for turning up, drinking to excess and plying us with copious Chang, it was a most memorable affair and let's all be thankful it only happens once in our life time.  My vital organs couldn't cope with a more regular occurrence.

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