Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Dr Strange

I had no idea he was a Marvel hero and it was just coincidence we were talking about it at Adam's birthday.  By chance we also saw a clip of it on a DVD at Seacon square so we figured it was worth a punt.

Cumberpatch plays a good part as the lead going from obnoxious brain surgeon to quite witty student in attempting to regain his manual dexterity following a serious accident.  Mads Mikkelson plays a rather surprising baddie with aplomb but all I can really remember from the mass of action, effects, CGI and flash is that Benedict's American accent.

I couldn't stand it and while he pulls it off convincingly, I wish he'd not even tried.  It really grated in every scene.

This "super hero" film is not your run of the mill Captain America/Batman/Iron Man (why is one one word and the other two?) flick it is far better and almost reaches the level of Deadpool, still my favourite of the bunch.

It's almost worth paying full price for...

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