Friday, 17 February 2017

Big Bang

We just finished watching the 8th series and have #9 cued up.

Having taken a break from the show for several months has helped freshen it up (for us) as it was getting a bit samey but it is still on good form (unlike Modern Family which is starting to stink as it lapses into buffoonery, slap-stick and embarrassingly contrived nonsense) and we are left dangling at the cliff hanger ending of the final show in eight.

Now we hear that with series 10 ending it's run, CBSis close to resigning the starts for another two seasons.  I am not sure it will sustain the high quality of writing and humour- Raj is becoming a real tosser and I cannot understand why no one has head butted Sheldon, but let's hope so.

More details at TInd

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