Monday, 27 February 2017

#8 Manila, Philippines

There is no way I would have missed on on beer at just 38 pence a pint.  I remember drinking San Miguel, which is all we could find there, and I had to check back to our beer-o-meter (Philippines; Manila £0.58) to see how much we paid, so how come these guys get ripped paying £47 for a room and yet can pick up lagers for sub 40p?

I really would love to know how they end up at their calculations.


8. Manila, Philippines — £46.90 ($58.53)
Hotel for two: £47.15 ($58.83)
Meal for two: £16.35 ($20.40)
Bottle of wine: £10 ($12.48)
Taxi: £2.33 ($2.91)
Cup of coffee: £2.70 ($3.37)
Cocktail: £4.74 ($5.91)
Pint of beer: £0.38 ($0.47)

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