Tuesday, 14 February 2017

#19 Johannesburg, South Africa

Airport transfer website Hoppa has released its annual report on the cheapest holiday destinations in the world. The average cost of a one night stay per person was analysed in 84 places around the globe to produce the ranking. The total per person includes the split cost of a hotel room, a meal for two with a shared bottle of wine, a shared 3 km taxi journey, as well as a coffee, a cocktail, and a beer each.

That seems unclear to me- are they suggesting the hotel room price is for one or both?  Same for the meal.  I'm not sure but I am guessing the listed prices should be halved?

Anyway, TInd has listed the top 19 cheapest destinations and we'll be posting a country up per day until they are all covered. I wonder how many we've been to- and how much we'll agree on the costs based on our own experiences?

Not Been

19. Johannesburg, South Africa — £55.75 ($69.58)
Hotel for two: £59.74 ($74.54)
Meal for two: £26.30 ($32.82)
Bottle of wine: £4.89 ($6.10)
Taxi: £4.80 ($5.99)
Cup of coffee: £1.44 ($1.80)
Cocktail: £2.90 ($3.62)
Pint of beer: £1.15 ($1.43)

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