Sunday, 19 February 2017

#15 Makkah, Saudi Arabia

I don't get it.  A dry country serving beer at well under a pound a pint?  How does that work?  Ditto the wine; alcohol is not only stupidly cheap but made available, which given its banning by religion just makes no sense to me.

Dinner for two is also very good, but no mention of what the standard test meal is.  Steak and chips or instant noodles?

Not Been

15. Makkah, Saudi Arabia — £53.16 ($66.35)
Hotel for two: £67.19 ($83.84)
Meal for two: £9.76 ($12.18)
Bottle of wine: £4.21 ($5.25)
Taxi: £6.60 ($8.24)
Cup of coffee: £2.16 ($2.70)
Cocktail: £3.14 ($3.92)
Pint of beer: £0.68 ($0.85)

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