Friday, 20 January 2017

Three Only

Why is it that some people feel compelled to show me their mobile phones and force me to grimace at pictures they have taken or clips they feel are hysterically funny and must be shared at all costs?

Humour is a very personal and subjective matter and while you may feel something is hilarious I can pretty much guarantee I will not.

It's the same with presenting me pictures of kittens, kids and other crap.  No, I do not find them cute.  I am allergic to cats, don't like kids much and I do not want to be confronted with your mobile as a way of conversation.

Let it be known that should you wish to offer me any kind of photographic for my delectation I will only look at three pictures for the entire evening.  I suggest you pick carefully and don't take offence when you use up your three only quota.

Don't forget, you started this so don't get all snotty when I tell you to stop and bugger off.

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