Tuesday, 31 January 2017


As I walked into the Kiwi I saw a face who shouldn't have been here- Murray.  He was supposedly flying back to Australia on Sunday and yet here he was.

He had checked in on-line and arrived at the airport in good time to be informed that his flight had left early and he had been advised of this via email.

Obviously he hadn't and when he asked how come, if the flight had been changed, could he still check in?   No reply except to be told to take it up with his booking agent.

He said he was looking at her... he had booked directly with them.

In the end they offered him a flight for today in business class at an extra cost of Aus$ 1 000 (Murray refused as it was their fault and he only paid that for a round trip) or one for next week.

The plus side is he gets an extra week in Bangkok, the downer is the additional expense of taxis to the airport and back and then a trip to Immigration, plus a visa renewal and a week's additional accommodation.

I do so hope he makes the airline cough for their error.

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