Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Safety Down Under

It seems horses killed more people in Australia in recent years than all venomous animals combined- although the sta-testicle seems to have been omitted from the table below.

Horses were responsible for 74 deaths with bees and other stinging insects the next most dangerous, causing 27 deaths, followed by snakes, which also claimed 27 lives but landed fewer people in hospital.

Spiders were not responsible for any deaths during that time, the research showed.

Bites and stings in Australia
AnimalDeaths (2000 - 2013)Hospital visits (2001 - 2013)
Wasps, bees, hornets27 (25 bees, 2 wasps)12,351
Ticks and ants54,533
Marine animals3 (box jellyfish)3,707
Centipedes/ millipedes0119
Unknown animal or plant2N/A
Source: University of Melbourne

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