Wednesday, 18 January 2017

No Thanks

The bar at the Corner is quite compact and popular so we alwats get there for opening time to ensure we get prime seats.

Around 21:00 I got a tap on the shoulder asking me to move up a bit as the guy wanted to perch at the end.

"No thanks" was my reply and he seemed a little taken aback.

"I just want to stand at the bar" was his next gambit.

"Sure- you can move down the bar and stand there if you like".

"But it is very busy" he countered.

"Yes, it is isn't it. That is why I get here at 17:00 to ensure I get a good stool".

He gave up and wandered off.

It's the same with people asking to swap seats on planes.  No, I will not move out of the aisle, I pay to sit here kindly bugger off.

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