Thursday, 12 January 2017

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Barack Obama farewell speech
Barack Obama used his farewell speech to tear into the American people for voting Donald Trump the next president of the USA.
He had been expected to gently warn against intolerance and hatred in a subtle nod to the incoming President but instead referred to him directly throughout the speech as that ‘cocksucker Trump’.
The most shocking moment came halfway through where he directly chided the American people for their recent vote.
“You stupid, stupid fucks,” he said, shaking his head sadly.
“After all I’ve fucking done for you and you just fuck it all away by voting for a micro-handed orange sociopath.
“Well, I tell you, if you vote in that cocksucker Trump then you fucking assholes don’t deserve democracy.”
At 32 fucks, 45 assholes, and one ‘complete shithead’, it was the most profane farewell speech by a leaving US President since Herbert Hoover in 1933.
As the majority of the speech focused on the election of Donald Trump, he didn’t find time to refer to his pet passion of gun control, ending the speech with – ‘and stop fucking shooting each other’.
He left the stage to sporadic, confused applause.
98-year-old pastor Simon Williams watched the speech.
“Normally, I don’t hold with that sort of language,” he said sternly.
“But fuck it. Man’s got a point.”

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