Thursday, 26 January 2017

Man Men

Nearing the end of the final series and only yesterday on number 12 did I enjoy the episode and not have to shout at the ludicrous plot lines.

For the most this has been a good show to watch with top class acting and good detail for the sixties and early seventies, but why the producers think that anyone can drink a whole bottle of vodka before 09:00 and then function in their job is just preposterous.  And as soon as one bottle is drained they reach for the next.

I also can't stand the way if someone is having a bad day they take it out on their subordinates and they in turn kick the dog further down the chain, usually resulting in the sacking of the unfortunate person at the bottom of the pile.

As to the sexism and racism, don't even get me started.  The swinging sixties and all that free love and peace?  Only if you happen to be white and a blurk.

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