Thursday, 5 January 2017

Jack Reacher

Never Go Back.  Oh, the irony.

So we have Tom C (I know which "C" word I would use for his surname as I am not a fan and it genuinely upsets me that he just keeps on getting all the major scripts 'cos he ain't all that) in his second outing as Jack Reacher, ex-Major from the army and general nomad in the modern world.

Along the way he duffs up many people, has a car chase, flirts with some burds, finds he has a daughter (or does he?), kicks more crap out of more baddies, confronts the completely obvious moles in the organisations, gets involved in some gun smuggling, has a one on one with his rival alpha male in black and proves that people are getting framed, including himself.

Expect all the usual shots, scripts, special effects and action but sit back and enjoy for if it something else you're after ,you won't find it here.

It dragged for me after an hour, the finale was cliched and the daughter grated the tits off me but all in all, I liked it.

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