Thursday, 5 January 2017

Getting Sick of This

Watched MotD yesterday featuring the games from 2nd January and looked on in distaste as Man City beat Burnley.  Not because of the result but at the ridiculous interview with Pep Guardiola post match and then even more cowardly refusal by the pundits to ignore an incident that was quite appalling.

The interview with Pep was school boy pathetic, expected from Moaning Maureen but not Guardiola but perhaps shows how much pressure he is under.  Petty simmering, churlish snapped answers and quite frankly a discredit to his club.

But that paled into insignificance when Bacary Sagna illegally withheld the ball from a Burnley player and when challenged to give it back threw a strop and then an arm/foot.  It was clearly highlighted in the show yet not one reference to it by the pretty boys on the office chairs.

WTF not?

Are they too precious to comment on part of the game that is creeping in far too much, are they too scared to upset the big names or are they condoning such repugnant behaviour?

Shameful cowardice that does not belong on the TV.

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