Thursday, 19 January 2017

Choice "Said and Done"

Snippets taken from TG that made me chuckle this week include:

Moment of the week

Monday: Fifa draw a line under 2014’s luxury watch scandal and prepare to hand out luxury watches to winners at the Fifa Best Awards in Zurich.
Tuesday: Fifa reveal all six watches worth €92,000 “went missing” before the show started. “We are looking into what happened.”

Best vote of confidence

France: Montpellier owner Louis “Loulou” Nicollin on his coach Frédéric Hantz: “I’m angry with him. His team plays sad, sad football – I’m starting to be fed up to back teeth. But Hantz is not in danger. We can’t afford to fire him.”

Best clarification

Italy: Sampdoria chairman Massimo Ferrero, clarifying what he meant by telling the press after a defeat to Napoli: “The referee stole it, incredible, the FA must expel him. I am truly pissed off, send these officials away. It is a robbery. In Italy robbery is a crime.” Two days later: “I don’t blame the referee and I have always defended referees. I have nothing against them.”
 Ferrero’s reflection on the incident: “When I am beside myself, I make trouble. It is my nature. He who is born round cannot die square.”

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