Friday, 6 January 2017

Cameron Update

2017 Update: Klipfolio & Man Box

Dear Team,

First, Happy New Year! I look forward to another year of our connection. As always, I hope you'll respond to my update with an update about what's new on your end.

First up, Klipfolio.

I'm writing to you from beautiful Ottawa, Canada, where I'm surrounded by (and caffeinated with) my new colleagues here at Klipfolio.

It's an exciting, growing startup, with a humble, driven, and empathic leadership team. Today is my third day in the office (I'll be working remotely from Pittsburgh), and I simply could not be happier.

Joining the team here came (as those of you close to me can attest) at the perfect time.

Today is also the day we made some major news—we landed $12 million in funding. It's being covered by some major media outlets, but your help amplifying our reach right now would catapult the effect and help get us picked up by the big dogs.

So here's my humble request:

Can you Retweet and Share the following?

1. This Tweet
2. This Facebook post
3. This LinkedIn post

I know, I'll owe you one for sure.

And perhaps that "one" could be a free copy of this:

Yes, the manuscript is complete! One reviewer said it offers "An important glimpse into the plague of toxic masculinity."

When the book is alive in the world, I'd love to get you a copy.

That's all for now, Team! I'll check back in when the book is available, and until then I'll look forward to hearing what's new on your end.

Onward, together.


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