Wednesday, 4 January 2017

And so we Begin

OK, it's taken a little later to start 2017 on the Blog but that is mainly down to "friends" who question your masculinity and begin breakfast with a Chang.  It also doesn't help that the jelly fish is still as spineless as ever.

Anyway, we are now here and raring to carry on where left off.

Along with a slightly newer look we'll be offering a more personal content in a vague hope that "less is more" and that one of my new's eve resolutions is to be even lazier than the previous year. It's pointing in the right direction...

Don't worry, we'll be keeping with some of the old faithfuls and to help navigate the Blog a little better, we intend to kick off the day with our beloved C & H so you'll know where to begin reading from.

Aside from that, hope you enjoy your visit(s).

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