Friday, 2 December 2016

The Grand Tour

Watched the first of the new "Top Gear" produced by Amazon following Clarkson's sacking from the BBC.

They sure have spent some hard cash on this predictable pile of juvenile tittering.  And there is nowt new aside from the decision to make it a travelling freak show where they pitch a tent in a dozen different countries to throw up the same old school boy vomit from the previous format.

Except they look far older and even more ridiculous in their attempts to stay youthful looking as they try to relate to their audience in both age and IQ.

But the biggest clanger for me was the decision to kick off the new show in front of a live American audience.  Why?  It's a British series and should have at least started off on their shores but with Amazon gaudily banking the package, they will have ot dance to their master's Yankee tune.

I wouldn't waste my time unless you're a real hard core fan, in which case this Blog isn't for you anyway and you won't be reading this.

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