Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Said and Done

Quote of the week

Brazil FA head Marco Polo Del Nero – telling Chapecoense to fulfil their final league game. Acting club president Ivan Tozzo: “I told him we don’t have 11 players left. He said: ‘Yes you do, reserves, injured players. Use them, make up the rest with kids.’”
 Del Nero’s vision for the game against Atlético-MG, according to Tozzo: “He said we need ‘a big party’ to honour the dead.” Chapecoense official Victor Hugo Nascimento: “The fixture won’t be happening. Del Nero even used the word ‘party’. Party? What sort of party is this?”
 Also keen to move on: Internacional vice-president Fernando Carvalho – unhappy with the final round of fixtures being delayed by a week. “We send solidarity, but this hurts us. We have our own tragedy to deal with here: escaping relegation.” Carvalho later apologised for “my unfortunate choice of word”.

Other news: strongest line

Chelsea – warning fans off “abhorrent” racist abuse. “Such behaviour has no place in our stadium or society. Chelsea is proud of our diversity and our vision embraces equality … If we receive evidence of discriminatory behaviour of any type we will take the strongest action, including criminal prosecution.” 2012:“Chelsea appreciates, and supports, John’s full apology for the language used.”

Warmest embrace

Germany: Bayern Munich members reacting to ex-president Uli Hoeness finishing his jail term for “particularly grave” €28.5m tax fraud by voting him back in for a second term, with a 98.5% majority. Hoeness: “I made a mistake – but I’ve earned another chance.”

Also starting over

Bolivia’s FA: reshaped last year to deliver transparency after former president Carlos Chávez was remanded on organised crime charges. The new FA board’s progress since then: a) secretary Walter Torrico remanded on fraud charges; b)new president Rolando López put under house arrest for alleged forgery. All deny wrongdoing.

Best story arc, 2005: Ecuador’s FA head Luis Chiriboga hosts a Fifa “Com-Unity” seminar on how football’s resources can benefit society, featuring guests from Unicef and SOS Children’s Villages. “A sense of optimism was palpable as the curtain came down on the event.” 2016: Chiriboga sentenced to 10 years for laundering $6.12m.

Most sincere

South Sudan FA president Chabur Gocreacting online to colleagues suspending him for alleged embezzlement, which he denies. “Thanks dear comrades for your decision. I thought we would finish the journey together, but it’s okay and it’s my pleasure to be killed by friends’ bullets rather than an enemy’s. I really thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

And weighing it all up

Ghana: Club owner Isaac Tettehreflecting on the state of the football family. “90% of football administrators will not go to heaven. But I don’t indulge myself in the scheming things that the others do, therefore I believe strongly that even if it happens that every football administrator misses out on heaven, I, Isaac Tetteh, will be passed fit to enter the holy land.’’

Elsewhere: still got it

Italy: Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini - facing down more press lies.
28 Nov: “To stop these untrue reports I talked to our coach Mr De Zerbi and I will keep him. That is my decision.” 30 Nov: Sacks him after a cup defeat. “Pitiful match, pitiful coach. I call it gross misconduct.”
 Next for Palermo – Eugenio Corini, Zamparini’s third coach this season. Corini: “I’m happy and excited. I still haven’t met the president, but I was delighted by his invitation.” Zamparini’s view: “Corini? There wasn’t much on the market.”

Also moving on

a) Martin Allenresigning at Barnet again, four months after extending his contract: “Someone asked me how long this contract is for… I don’t even know! I think I’m here forever now, God bless.”
b) 30 Oct: Hearts manager Robbie Neilson on links with Villa. “It’s just paper talk. My sole focus is here at Hearts. I’ve still got a huge job to do: we’ve a long way to go and I want to be part of it.” 2 Dec: Joins MK Dons.
c) 15 Nov, Brazil: São Paulo president Leco “guarantees” Ricardo Gomes will be the club’s coach in 2017: “Everything changes quickly in football, but not this.” 23 Nov: Sacks him.
d) Paraguay, 19 Nov: Olimpia president Marco Trovato bars journalist John Walter Ferrari from all club premises for suggesting he plans to sack coach Fernando Jubero. “The media seek to destabilise us with lies! Olimpia is strong, we go forward together.” 20 Nov: Jubero sacked after another defeat; Ferrari watches training by standing on a pick-up truck to look over the wall.

Most got at

France: Toulouse coach Pascal Dupraz – upset by criticism of his reaction to a paper plane brushing his head last month. “It hit me, it could have been anything. All these critics, they’re so brave.”

Best strategy

Malawi: Civo Service United vice secretary Richard Chiwaulagoing public with their survival plan. “We offered the players more perks and still they lose… So now we ask God to help. We’re seeking his intervention.” Manager Charles Manda: “I’m optimistic.”

Plus: worst bobble

Serbia: Lokomotiv’s Milan Djuricic, asked about going viral with an open-goal miss from 50cm. “It bobbled and I was excited, so I kicked it over. What a lesson for my life.”

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