Wednesday, 28 December 2016

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Mad Cow? I'm fucking LIVID!

I have O negative blood type. This makes me a universal donor for all rhesus negative blood types, but unfortunately I can only receive from other O neg persons. Rhesus negative is particularly rare in Thailand and in VERY short supply.

Today I went off to the Red Cross to donate blood. I read the website thoroughly before leaving the flat. I printed off the map and the criteria page, drank gallons of water and even broke my usual fast in preparation.

(The map is not to scale - I got lost - wandering around the university campus for an hour in 34c heat but I digress.)

Eventually I arrived at the Red Cross Donation Centre a bit hot and bothered, I was surprised to see how busy it was. It was packed with Thai people doing their civic duty, but there were also a smattering of Farang. The procedure is as follows:

1 Find and fill in your application form. Most are in Thai but the last round table to the right as you enter is in English.
2 Register. No problem. Lovely lad who spoke decent English read through the form, signed it, gave me a card and pointed me to the next section.
3 Take a ticket, and wait until you are called to the selection area/rooms.

And then the wheels fell off.

ALL Britishers take note - if you lived in the UK for six months between 1980 - 1996 YOU ARE PROHIBITED from giving blood in Thailand. Er - which bit about I'm fucking English didn't the other chap understand?

It doesn't matter if you have a UK donor card, proving that you have given blood many times since. It doesn't matter that you have donated freely in other Asian countries within the past three years. It doesn't matter that you are vegetarian and don't eat beef of any kind. It doesn't matter that had you ticked the no box they would have accepted it without challenge. But most of all - it doesn't matter that you have a rare and desperately needed blood type. That's it. Fuck off!

I would further point out - and did, quite forcibly, that NO where on the Red Cross website does it say anything about excluding Brits. This does need to be addressed. I don't mind wasting my time, but the doctors are busy, and much more importantly people are dying for lack of a blood transfusion/transplants, and yet a huge population of potential British expat donors are being excluded from the donor pool:(

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