Saturday, 17 December 2016

Hear, Hear

An organic cafe has caused a stir  by banning children under five after the cafe owner claimed parents with “prams the size of Essex" who let their children “run riot” are ruining the experience for other customers.

Hilary Penning, who runs the Organic Kitchen is unrepentant about her decision, which she announced by posting a sign on the door.

“There’s been far too many instances where mums come in with newborn babies and allow the children to cry and cry. Some parents have come in for up to two hours with their children crying.

It’s been a hard and challenging decision but I think I made the right choice. I cannot allow people to come in expecting to have a great eating experience but have to leave because their lunch or breakfast has been ruined by inconsiderate parents allowing their children to run riot, which has happened quite a bit.”

Predictably, Daily Mail wifey's were up in arms as one squawked:

“It’s discrimination because anyone with an under-five is not allowed in.  They are excluding people based on age. In this day and age I’m amazed they want to discriminate against people who just want to have a coffee.It’s not a fancy bar or restaurant, it’s a cafe and it’s right next to a school. It’s the only one open when the older children are dropped off and mums want a coffee. I want this business to be successful but I feel this is a poor decision.”


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You can guess which side of the debate I sit on.  Why should childless people have other people's little darlings thrust down their throats, especially if they are misbehaving?  

It's the same everywhere we go, hotels, planes, cinemas, restaurants.  I wouldn't mind if the parents looked after their charges but all they do is ignore them.

If you don't like it, go somewhere where babies are welcome and shut your bitching.

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