Tuesday, 6 December 2016

All Good Things

Must come to an end, so they say and it is true for us as we have been advised that Khun Ayr is heading back home and leaving Bangkok.  She has said it may only be for the month of December but it's likely to be permanent so it means we have to wish her all the very best for the future and hope things work out well for her.

As is traditional, many people come to the capital to work and send money home for when they can come back and be with their families.  Khun Ayr has been away from her daughters for many years with her parents looking after them but the time has finally arrived where she is able to return.

They have been building the family home over the years and it looks like it is ready, so we couldn't be happier for her.

All the best, keep in touch and thank you so much for all your help over the years.  You will be missed and the flat will never look as good as it does after you have visited.

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