Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Odd Film

"Morris from America", about a black 13 year old kid living in Heidelberg as his father (gadgy out of "The Office" (US)) has to work there as a football trainer.

Morris takes private German lessons (he's remarkably good) and goes to school where he doesn't fit in and becomes the target for the usual class arsehole.  Fortunately for Mo, a girl who is three years older takes a shine to him and they become loose friends.

Good acting, nice to hear proper German (UK subs, don't worry) and a fair but predictable script make this as easy film to watch but it is a bit odd.  Rarely would an older girl even talk to a young boy, nor would she encourage him to take drugs (her boyfriend is an older DJ so he influences her).

The father is far too laid back in bringing up his son on his own (mother died a few years back) and the shitty music was too much for me, with the typical German techno/electro sound track and the kid's "gansta rap".

Worth a look for sure but it may leave you slightly hollow.

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