Sunday, 20 November 2016

Not CGI- 2

TRON: Painted Neon Effect

TRON: Painted Neon Effect
When people think of that '80s neon glow, they often think of TRON and assume the characters' clothing was created digitally for the sake of simplicity. However, TRON was shot in black and white, and that colorful glow was hand-painted onto each frame. 
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Scanners: Head Explosion

Scanners: Head Explosion
Other horror filmmakers had attempted head explosion scenes like the one in David Cronenberg's 1981 film Scanners, but special effects supervisor Gary Keller made the head pop look so realistic audiences and were both disgusted and disturbed. So how'd he do it? After trying various pneumatic systems, Gary realized air just wasn't gonna cut it, so he blew out the back of the dummy's head with a shotgun. 
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The Dark Crystal: Landstriders

The Dark Crystal: Landstriders
Jim Henson's visionary blend of people and puppets was taken to new heights in the Landstrider sequence. 

Landstriders were costumed stuntmen on stilts, who had to be tethered to a crane so they wouldn't fall over while running — Kira and Jen were controlled by cables. The scene elevated puppet films from novelty fare to the realm of serious cinema by proving that puppets can star in and carry a movie all by themselves.

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